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Storage Guide

Green door self storage

Storage Unit Sizes

The following diagram will give you an idea of the different sized units available at Green Door Storage.

For more details please call us on

0800 473336 (0800 GREEEN).

Surprisingly you can get more into a unit than you would expect, particularly if you carefully stack your belongings or use shelving. All of our units are at 2.4m high which is the height of the ceiling in most houses.

Smaller Units self-storage
Medium units self-storage
Large Units self-storage

Our staff members are trained to help you to choose the size of self- storage unit that best suits your needs.

Storage Unit Sizes

If you are a DIY person or you’ve used self storage before, below is just a small sample of unit sizes from a small cupboard size to a large garage size just to get you started. Of course we can remove walls to make it even bigger as your needs or business grows

Storage unit sizes
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